Food for Thought

wearing two colors

black and white

which one gets dirty fast?

the white one.

No, the dirt shows up more because

white is light.


the sun rises in the east

and sets in the west.

No, the earth goes around the sun

as all the other planets.

But the sun looks as if it’s actually

rising and setting at different times.


nothing from nothing leaves nothing,

you can’t take nothing from something

because there is nothing


They say, ”If you try hard enough, you will succeed.”

Even if you don’t succeed, something good

should happen just the same


Jesus rose on the third day,

but Friday to Sunday are not three days

and remember, Jesus had already risen.

Unfortunately, some people misinterpret what the Bible says

which causes confusion to this day


Akhenaten believed the sun was god,

but Moses and other Hebrews who

became Israelites believed in the true God,

not a thing to represent.



Our lives are so different at times

hiding around

right in the public’s view

but still unseen


using fake money

they find ways to trick us

until finally caught


working for government agents

anywhere in the world

they all have many things in common


believe it or not

facts are different for some people

they see what they want


simple things are sometimes more important,

but don’t ask some people

they have a tendency to overlook


looking back on life

wonder where has time gone,

it’s movement never changes


don’t fret over older people

just remember,

younger ones can be a real pain too


lost in love

lost way too much,

eventually you should gain something




Something to share

Winding down for the night,

but a juicy scene for my book came up

and it can’t wait for later.


reading the headlines

same old news

every single day


wasted all that money

won’t get a dime back,

no, it wasn’t me


try and you still fail,

but we never know what the future will be,

so eventually good will come


opposites do attract

on those rare occasions

when you least expect it


Games that we play

tilting side by side

it’s a racing game

the highest score wins

no strain, no pain

nothing real to fret over

auto simulation



curves are too narrow

one wrong move could be the last,

but I’m not paying to remove ads

because free ones are just as good


fast and furious

males as well as females

how well you play is all that matters


breaking down barriers

we’re all here,

but life is much more than games


the game of thrones

has slipped from views

new ones have taken prominence

and the cycle repeats


You knew it wasn’t true

We don’t always mean to, but it comes out anyway. We were all taught not to tell lies. Well, that’s easier said than done. ”But it was only a little lie.” That’s how it gets started. Little ones end up being bigger ones. They are all the same. Please, don’t point fingers because we’re all guilty of not telling the truth at some point in our lives. As long as we’re here on this planet, we’re going to make mistakes. There’s no getting around to it. Because we were born in sin, but that doesn’t mean we should dwell in it. Sometimes, we’re so ashamed of what we said or did. It hurts so much, we wish we could hide ourselves forever and never look back.

We’ll be sitting around and what comes up? Something we said or did that didn’t seem to matter at the time. Well, if possible apologize. But some of us can’t do that. I suppose it’s pride or shame. We’ll look back and say, ”Why didn’t I do this or that?” We get so angry at each other. But sometimes, those feelings are so deep that no matter how many times you or the other person apologizes, it will never be enough. They can’t or won’t let it go. No matter who was right or wrong. It’s one of those unfortunate things that we should think about.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was worse than what some expected, but complaints continue to come in. Weather reports stated that water may rise from 30 to 35 feet.  Ofcourse, it was worse in some areas. Telling people to stay home wasn’t the right response. We remember what happened during the Katrina failures. Nevertheless, people are being helped a lot faster. Pray and do what you can.  But one young lady was sitting on the roof waving. I suppose she didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, quite a few people are that way. No matter what help is offered. There were people in a hotel who were rescued. Officials did say to stay on a roof and not in attics so that rescuers can see them.

The dam can only hold back so much before it breaks. I continue to learn more on a daily basis. Harvey continues to move on up. Tornado warnings have been issued. Hopefully, it will settle down so workers can start cleaning up. A lot of property has been damaged. People will rebuild or move somewhere else. It’s something how fast rain can buildup. I know flash floods are other terrible storms. While a weather guy was reporting, a guy drove right past him. That was not the right thing to do. We’ve seen drivers get trapped that way. When water levels rise too high, no driver can get through.

They’ve opened more centers and that’s a good thing. People need everything; food, clothing, water, medicine, you name it. Some should have friends and relatives who are willing to help. But did any of you see the flying red ants? They were in colonies drifting in the water. I’m telling you that is something. And don’t forget the alligators and snakes. I saw a brief report that some famous people are offering help. That’s good. Anyhow, do what you can and pray.

Things we do and say

to be or not to be

whatever will happen

is not always under our control


so gross

has nothing to do with weight

but something so sickening


at your beck and call

what’s wrong with beckon call?

it’s a mishearing of the other


time stands still

that has never happened

because it’s not possible


How are you doing?

or How are you?

I prefer the second one


eat plenty of vegetables

and some meat

drink lots of water

but try a  Mediterranean dish for a change

it’s something different

More have left already–

I stopped by to read what Kendall ( one of our member’s) said concerning Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. They were gifted entertainers, but Dick Gregory really kept us in check. He never lost his fun side even later on in life. Mr. Gregory became more serious in relation to the plight of humanity. And we can’t forget Jerry Lewis. He was also very funny and lovable. Do you remeber that he was part of the ”Rat Pack?” But we have lost so many stars this year. Just about every week, one has passed on. Some I never knew. I have never known so many stars to leave at this rate. Anyhow, don’t forget that we’re all stars too in our own way.


Walking into what’s called Magnifico where people enjoy fun, drinks, and good food. I wasn’t surprised to here Spanish accents, but people from different cultures weren’t arguing over anything. I sat back and watched. This new place opened a week ago, a friend told me about it but I decided to come on my own. When a young waiter came by, I ordered a leafy salad with an orange drink. Children nearby were busy playing board games, but that changed when their order arrived. I can speak a little Spanish so that helped communicating with new people.

We laughed and talked about stereotypes. Knowing how foolish so many people are. They miss out on a lot for being narrow minded. Anyhow, my salad had extra sharp cheese because it’s more filling to me with lots of vegetables. I would’ve stayed longer but business is business. Nevertheless, I’m sure going to return.