The Rules for Debate

Gosh Christmas is almost here! Doesn’t time fly? Well, of course not it just seems that way. I really like our blog format than ever before. It’s more simple. More new people have come my way and that is very good. The House will vote tomorrow (I hope it won’t be delayed). The senate have … More The Rules for Debate

Mr. Mueller Spoke

Mr. Mueller’s report did not exonerate the president. And other details prove what a dirty lying traitor that so-called president is. Look at San Juan, Puerto Rico. From what I’ve read online and seen on TV they’re trying to get rid of corruption led by their governor. But I hope whoever replaces him will be … More Mr. Mueller Spoke

All Within Time

It will take time to correct mistakes made. It will take time to finish this work. It will take time to make a way out of no way? Some of you have heard that last line many times especially if you’re involved in church matters. How can anyone make a way out of no way? … More All Within Time

Our World

Seasons aren’t as predictable anymore. March use to be the windy month, but it’s windy throughout the year. We have more severe weather than ever before. Scientist don’t all agree on why these changes continue to happen or if this state will get better. But we can all agree that the weather has indeed changed. … More Our World