Fundamental Law

what happens when Christians

do the most horrendous things?

well, to God they’re treated no different

from anyone else.

Just look at the Israelites and their

descendants as an example.

And notice, I did not include religious

people in general. I’m only speaking

of one particular group.


people who don’t believe there’s a God,

don’t know who or what God is,

they don’t understand the Bible.

it doesn’t make sense to them.

the fundamental law of all living

things prove that humans did not

evolve from hominids. Apes remain apes,

they do not change.


the truth is necessary,

it breaks down barriers

it sets us free.







A Fighting Spirit

hanging in there

for all it’s worth

burned up lots of calories

for this one moment.


staying power

knowing you can’t win all

that’s one test to learn.


trial and error

repeated tasks

that take days to practice,

just don’t give up.


you will learn that

life is a daily process

we all must endure

the good with the bad

until the end.


you may feel down for now,

but sooner or later

you’ll swing back in motion

even if it takes longer.



Election Night!

Do you believe what has happened so far? Even in my state, we have a potentially new Mayor. I only hope that he’ll do better. Crime is worse, our streets are long overdue with repairs, and our water problems continue. They’ve been doing work on the highways and around towns, but they’re not doing enough within the Toledo area. It’s a mess to drive or ride on most streets. They’ve done work in certain areas but allowed the other areas to waste. And that has gone on for more than 20 years. It’s Maumee and Sylvania too.

I see Mr. Savage is new to our City Council along with incumbents. The downtown area looks better, but we have a long way to go. Housing has seen some beneficial changes. From our Attorney General Mike DeWine’s website at least 14 Ohioans die every day from drug overdoses. He has a multi-pronged plan called ”Recovery Ohio” that includes holding drug companies and distributors accountable for flooding the state with pills they knew far exceeded medical need. Asking them to pay their fair share as well. He’s giving drug companies 30 days to come forward and begin settlement solutions which started on October 30, 2017. It’s such a terrible problem that has gotten worse over time. I hope and pray that not only our state but our country will overcome this tragedy.

He Pleaded Guilty on All Counts

no collusion

yeah, right just you wait

today is only the beginning


deny, deny, deny

he lies to us everyday,

but God is watching


blaming Hillary and the Democrats

well, at least she had her day twice

can’t say the same about him


a so-called Christian said

liberals are all wrong

as if republicans are darling angels

your party won’t get you to heaven

God spares no one


Thank you, Word Press!

Gosh, I looked around

my post have been late

busy with other work

so, no excuses


catching up on the news

they’re blaming Clinton and the Democrats

for this and that,

but they sure have some nerve

because they’re the biggest liars


sometimes it’s necessary to be quiet

just listen without saying a word

you can learn much more that way


Hollywood has a long history of sexual abuse

we’ve seen it way too often,

but our country is full of this mess

and as long as that so-called president

is in office, a lot more will be exposed


I’m so glad that Word Press is a lot better,

from signing in to answering messages.

I love reading blogs that are just beautiful

so many of you have special gifts

we all have our favorites and that’s fine

I only hope things won’t change



Our World and Beyond

diamonds on Jupiter

the biggest of all

raging within


hot or cold

planets to the extreme

our solar system


black holes

what comes in, comes out

stranger than fiction


outside from us


and everything beyond



Saturn’s moon

it looks like something hit it


people will travel to our moon,

but problems are likely,

a risky challenge


so many pictures

of our universe,

what we know so far

blows the mind


King Tut’s Dagger made from what?

I suppose many of you watch science from time to time. Well, I was watching one on King Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was about three daggers found made of iron. Well, they couldn’t figure out how a dagger could’ve been made of iron from that time period. So, they claimed it came from a meteorite. Now, how is that possible? It doesn’t make sense. The documentary was a repeat from June of last year. Now, these so-called experts claim iron did not exist during King Tut’s time. Well, they must have gotten it from somewhere. Is it possible to make a dagger from a meteorite?

These experts from Italy and Egypt said their new studies appear to settle the matter. That doesn’t mean proof. They were assuming. I may write more on this matter in another blog.

We can learn from each other

afraid to talk about race

it’s a reflection in your face

don’t play the game

to run, hide, and blame


can we talk?

don’t get up and walk

you’re bound to gain something

that will add more than nothing


they waste time in ignorance

out of stupidity

they never listen to reason

the fools are beyond help


educated fools

are sometimes religious,

but they don’t represent God

they represent evil


some of us do talk about race relations

without calling each other dirty names

treat others as you’d want to be treated

then take it from there


some parents teach their children to hate

and that’s terrible

because that child should learn how to

get along in this world

children have enough problems as it is

than to be brought up that way


it’s good to blog about issues,

but only if they have meaning

some people are hateful

they stir up trouble

unfortunately, too many follow them


Apocalyptic images

raging fires

climate control a factor,

dryness since 1979


a report from The New York Times

go to website

to check for air quality


other reasons for the fires–

officials are not sure,

but in general most are caused by people


often break in October

record heat over summer

turning small fires into infernos


forced evaluations in rural areas

of Northern California

Apocalyptic images

For Foodies

another good foodie

without shortening

for making crust,

the answer is butter

or use a replacement

from animal fat.


chicken or seafood

with a fresh leafy salad

just add a little vinegar mixed with olive oil

to give it that zest


some burn up calories fast

they’re usually thin

oh, darn it

if it’s hard to maintain a goal


fight for control,

a difficult lesson

for many of us


what goes in

must come out

one way or another


do you have brothers?

they can show you how to fight

that can save your life

and provide a good work out