Bad People in Power

I do not believe that evil so-called president will ever change. I’m not buying Bannon’s book but it can’t be all lies. We still don’t have a budget yet and Lord knows how that’s going to turn out. Anyhow, we do what’s necessary in the meantime. We are living in a critical time. As long as that so-called president and those along with him are in office the worse it will be, but there is GOD!


The Dossier

Didn’t Senator Grassley and those other republicans have some damn nerve? I hope that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will wrap this investigation up soon because no telling what won’t happen next. This is extremely serious. We have a right to know what’s going on with that Russian mess. That so-called president has turned everything right set up by President Obama. Now, they want to drill around our coast, except for Florida. That is a damn shame. Those are DANGERS to all Americans. Please check out Mr. Tom Steyer about taking back the White House. The website address is: Thank you.

Happy New Year!

If you’re in America, New Years is almost here. But some of us don’t have resolutions because they’re usually broken. Well, do what you can. If it isn’t something important, don’t worry. And remember, little things do count. I’ve noticed that so many people have died this year such as, Della Reese, Al Jarreau, Tom Petty, as well as others. I love watching ET because for one thing  they show a list of people who have passed on, but I missed it yesterday. Anyhow, I may find it On Demand somewhere. And the other reason, they’re so entertaining. Even when I don’t want to hear about some famous people for one reason or another. We’re all that way, but I’m not going to include any names. I know some of you understand (laugh). Anyhow, have fun and be careful.

We, the People matter

No matter what has happened as far as that damn tax bill is concerned, THE PEOPLE will make the ultimate decision. We need the RIGHT PEOPLE in the white house. And things will only get worse until changes are made. Fox News should be forced off air because they don’t report news objectively. They lie every single day about the truth. That is not journalism. And that so-called president should be impeached! I hope Mr. Mueller will finish his investigation soon. But in the meantime, check out Mr. Tom Steyer about impeaching you know who.

Victory in Alabama!

Ninety-eight percent of black women voted for Senate elect Doug Jones in Alabama. Well, I hope this will make a difference because we sure need help in our country. With all the mess we face everyday, God help us! But we have a long way to go. Voting is only a part of what needs to be done. Even children see what has happened (some of them). It shows what can be done when we work together. That’s the only way. And those others should stop dividing us. Yes, they continue to do that. It’s a shame. Stop it! What do you think your brain is for? Then use it to your best potential. Amen.

Charlotte, the first black queen of England

It has been reported that Sir Allan Ramsey was responsible for most of Queen Charlotte’s paintings and his representations of her were very African.   Ramsay was an anti-slavery intellectual of his day. Queen Charlotte was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House.  Baron Stockmar, the Queen’s personal physician described her as having ”a true mulatto face.” Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III (1738-1820). They had 15 children. Also, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation the Royal Household, referred to both Asian and African bloodlines.

You may read more from the Atlanta Black Star, Meet Sophia Charlotte, the first black Queen of England from October 14, 2015 as well as Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families from Frontline (1995-2014).

Joy to the World Everyday!

I loved to help decorate our Christmas tree. We had a real pine tree which was typical at that time. The light bulbs were heavy but very pretty. I’d hold one end and my mother held the other. They were put on first. We added gold and silver garlands all the way around. Lots of silver tinsel included. The colorful bells from top to bottom, they were a little heavier at that time. A lovely gold star was put on top. Then a beautiful white cottony cloth with sparkles went around the tree at the bottom where gifts went too.

Most people placed pine trees near the curb after New Years to be taken away. It was so much fun to help decorate and it maybe more fun today. I grew up in the sixties, but it was safer than it is today. We could leave our back windows open to get a good breeze in the summertime and no one would try to break in. People still do that in certain parts of the country today, but I advise against that.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and His return. It’s also about giving and we sure need more of that too.

Crimes against Humanity

The sexual assault cases that we see everyday go way back to slavery in this country. White men thought nothing about raping black women. The law didn’t protect her at all. And the wives of those white men knew their husbands were raping black women, but they did nothing to stop it. Even though times have changed women and girls are still being treated as nothing. But are all sexual assault cases true? No. Because we know SOME women have lied for all kinds of reasons.

Now, I know that all white men haven’t raped black women. I’m only speaking about what has happened in the past as well as today. And this isn’t a problem that happens only in American it continues to happen around the world.

The victim is usually blamed for the crime. Which is another terrible problem. But boys and men are also victims in some cases. I hope justice will be served, but this is a problem that continues everyday.

Fundamental Law

what happens when Christians

do the most horrendous things?

well, to God they’re treated no different

from anyone else.

Just look at the Israelites and their

descendants as an example.

And notice, I did not include religious

people in general. I’m only speaking

of one particular group.


people who don’t believe there’s a God,

don’t know who or what God is,

they don’t understand the Bible.

it doesn’t make sense to them.

the fundamental law of all living

things prove that humans did not

evolve from hominids. Apes remain apes,

they do not change.


the truth is necessary,

it breaks down barriers

it sets us free.






A Fighting Spirit

hanging in there

for all it’s worth

burned up lots of calories

for this one moment.


staying power

knowing you can’t win all

that’s one test to learn.


trial and error

repeated tasks

that take days to practice,

just don’t give up.


you will learn that

life is a daily process

we all must endure

the good with the bad

until the end.


you may feel down for now,

but sooner or later

you’ll swing back in motion

even if it takes longer.