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I like our Comment section, but some of my readers want email addresses to send a reply. So, when I don’t answer you’ll know why. Even though it may take a while. Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on.

Our state of affairs is terrible. The only reason why the republicans came up with a so-called medical plan is because their voters are fighting to keep ACA. Those people realize what will happen otherwise. But the republican plan is bad on many levels; it will cost more and remove important health issues. Remember, they keep saying Obamacare is a disaster. If that’s the case, why are people being helped by it? Now, I’ve seen insurance companies who pulled out of ACA stating the cost is too high. Well, they should fix that part and leave everything good in. What sense does it make to start all over? None.

Now, what about that so-called president claiming Obama spied on him. The Justice Department is giving him until Monday to come up with evidence. That so-called president wouldn’t even answer questions from the media.

I have one more issue to bring up now. It’s something that I heard from a guy name Charlie Sykes on Am Joy on MSNBC this morning. Charlie said that some conspiracy theories are true. I agree one hundred percent. Now, Charlie was on Joy’s show talking about other issues, but I believe that some conspiracy theories are indeed true. Such as, UFOs.

Now, not all UFOs are true. Some people seem to make up things to get publicity, but even NASA has shown strange sightings in space that they weren’t sure about. Anyhow, I have some work to do, so we’ll keep in touch.

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He’s a disgrace

Our political situation gets worse everyday. How much longer will that so-called president be in office? And the VP is also a problem. We need more younger smart people. Republicans should speak out more to get rid of him. As you can see, I don’t like typing his name at all. We warned about these things when he first ran. And what’s going to happen with Israel and the Palestinians? Will they continue to share land? God gave the land to the Israelites, but they broke all of God’s commandments. That’s why the Jews have power there today. The most extreme groups hate Jews, but they hate the West too. I’m sorry that Netanyahu and Obama didn’t get along better. Maybe things would’ve worked out. Nevertheless, I pray for us all.

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I’m Back!

I haven’t been here on my blog in quite a while, but that’s all right because I’m back. So much has happened. That so-called president firing this person and that person. He is making more of a mess of things which is something many of us knew would happen. If Obama was still in office doing these crazy things, how long would he be there? Faster than you could bat an eye. Anyhow, I have a meeting coming up so this will be brief even though my posts usually are. So, take care of yourself. After all, we only have one life.

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We the people must stand up!



It maybe hard to believe what is going on in THIS country. That so-called president elect should be thrown in prison. He has no regard for our constitution at all. And those crooked Russians have been doing all kinds of evil for too long. Unfortunately, too many in and out of government have been supporting them.

Thank God that the people stood up to those dirty republicans the other day. I can’t wait for those documents to be released next week!

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Spying on who?

Spies have been around for thousands of years. Do you remember Joshua from the Bible? Now days, you don’t always know because they’re too sophisticated. Look at the problem concerning Russia. Once the investigation is over then what? Anyhow, there’s always something going on. The president elect was a problem from the start. I’ll make this short as I usually do. So, take care until next time.

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When they go low, we go High

Early voting should be mandatory and in every state. It should start in September too, that way it would give more people time to vote. Jill Stein is another reason for those who never vote but complain too much. People have died for this cause. So, don’t make excuses. I will not tell you who to vote for because that is your decision. Now, there maybe a problem with outdated machines. I heard about that on the news yesterday. It doesn’t make sense because all machines should be updated by now.

Some of us couldn’t vote early because of their jobs. They couldn’t take that time off. These things happen. I saw where Hillary Clinton is up by 79 points in the black community. Gosh, isn’t that a change from what they’ve been saying? More Hispanics are voting than ever before.

I’ll be watching during the day and after, but this is the worst that I’ve seen when it comes to elections. Yes, I’m not the only one. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from voting!

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The Magnificent Seven

I love Denzil Washington. He was brilliant in Malcolm X, Glory, and many other movies. But have any of you seen his new movie? It’s The Magnificent Seven. Now, I love those old shoot em up movies and TV shows. But the other actors didn’t give the new movie any justice. Compare Denzil’s movie with the original. I think The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner was much better. It was also the original. I loved Yul in The Ten Commandments and The King and I too. But all the actors were outstanding in The Magnificent Seven including Yul. But don’t forget the theme songs!

Shows like Bronco, Sugarfoot, and Maverick have been back on TV on and off for years.

Unfortunately, the actors in the remake weren’t as good, they didn’t help Denzil much at all because they aren’t as good as he is. Well, that’s my opinion and I hope that most of you will agree.