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Canada and America’s Health Plans

You know that we’ve learned a lot about feeling good. Just breathing has an impact. Eating foods that not only taste good, but are good for us. Working out isn’t always required because some of us do enough physical activity that helps. We sure need sleep. A nap can really make a difference. Getting fresh air? Well, that depends on where you live. The air is better in certain places. Take care of your eyes. Do they burn at times? How often do you have them checked? I know some of us can’t afford medical bills and that’s very sad. The ACA sure needs some changes. More companies are and have left the plan, including doctors. What we need is a balance plan that will work for all of us. Things that we take for granted can sometimes haunt us. The government can’t do everything.

I just read an article comparing Canada’s health plan to ours. Under the Canada Health Act, all residents must be covered by a public insurance plan run by their province on uniform conditions. They have coverage wherever they are treated and there’s none of this about limiting doctors and hospitals. Now, isn’t that something? In Canada, there are no financial barriers. Their publically funded system bases patient’s access to medical services on need, not on the ability to pay. Americans ration by price and will continue to do so as the ACA is implemented. There’s no such thing as buying a platinum plan and getting first-rate coverage or a cheap bronze policy and paying 60% of the plan yourself. If only our medical plans were that way.

We have benefits depending on where we live, how old we are, where we work, and how much that we can afford to spend. That’s not the case in Canada. Except when it comes to prescription drugs. Drug benefits are quite unequal in Canada and the lack of them is a big whole for about 10 percent of the population. There is no universal drug benefit, although two provinces have mandatory drug insurance – you can get it from an employer or buy it from a public plan. About 40% of the population gets coverage from their employers. If you can’t afford the premium, there are subsidies. In that sense, Canada drug coverage is like Obamacare. Health care for their native population is very bad. This information about Canada was written two years ago by Trudy Lieberman. She’s a contributing editor for the Columbia Journalism Review. At Consumer Reports, she specialized in health care and health care financing. She has won more than 25 awards and five major fellowships.

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Team USA just won the Women’s 4×400 meter relay gold for the sixth straight Olympic games. It’s really something what our minds and bodies can do. I love it when someone breaks records in any kind of competition. I’m happy to see other athletes win, but I’m more happy when Americans win. Hold on, another American team just won. USA Men’s Relay won the 4×400 meter Olympic games. But Americans are breaking all kinds of records. After missing the podium by 0.04 seconds Matthew Centrowitz won first Olympic gold for U.S. in men’s 1500 meters race since 1908. Go head!

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Writing a diary can be very risky because someone may be reading it. To put something in a secret place is harder to do today. Now, I don’t want anyone to become paranoid, but we have to be careful. Diaries are written by young and older people. Generally, younger ones. They’re more willing to write something down thinking no one will find it. Ask yourself some questions. Do you really want to write down something so personal? And what if someone finds it? Are you willing to deal with the consequences?

Most of us have options to use for storing. But nothing is guaranteed when it comes to computers. Those are necessary. Diaries are different. So, whatever you do be careful.

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You Must Take Heed

You know some of us are workaholics. They won’t even take vacation time off. And if they do, what happens? Their on the phones taking care of business. They can’t take one day off just to relax, just to enjoy the fresh air. They don’t know how to relax. How can anyone be 60 years old and not know how to relax? Well, there are people that way. Some don’t know what it is to sit down and relax for 10 minutes. They couldn’t do it to save their life. Young people are that way, but a lot of older people are that way too. Once they start complaining about their back hurts or ”I have to slow down.” Wait and see what will happen.

You may have to REMIND them, but it’s so hard for them to change. They’ll help someone if possible or do things around home. Which is fine. We all should. I have a sister who’s that way. From the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed, she is always doing something. And my sister retired years ago. Juanita does volunteer work, she works out, she’s involved in church activities. But it’s hard for her to relax. And the only time that she does is when she has to. Our minds will tell us to slow down. But our bodies will send out warning signals too that we better pay attention to before it’s too late.

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The other one running for office

So he’s still in at least for now. And if he leaves, who will replace him? They still have the same ideas or beliefs. Not that there aren’t problems with Hillary too. Are there any true Democrats around? This is the worst that I’ve ever seen. It’s the worst that many of us have seen. He accuses Hillary of lying. That’s funny. That’s real funny. And what is so bad about TPP? Have any of YOU read it? Well, I did when it was first posted on President Obama’s web site. It seemed fair to me. A lot better than NAFTA. Even President Obama said that it’s more fair than any of the others.

Some of those in Congress don’t even read bills before they are signed into law. That’s awful. And some are so ignorant, how did they get in office? We are in serious trouble. No matter how or what some of them do, it all comes down to you and me, the people. If we don’t change things, no one else will. Other countries are rising, but we continue to fall on all levels. One Japanese member once said, ”They don’t realize what is happening to them.” By the time they wake up, it may be too late.

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Rev. Dr. William Barber

I unfortunately missed the speech that Rev. Dr. William Barber gave at the DNC in Philadelphia. But he is biblically sound on deeds and creeds. His work with drug dealer/gang member redemption should be a success. He has helped to develop homes for flood victims, first time homebuyers and many other initiatives that help build not tear down. Not all pastors can say that. Too many of them are so dirty they should be thrown out of service. So, give credit where credit is due.

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We all have limits

Ready for just about anything, knowing that time is sweeping along. We cannot live forever in this world. Everything we do has limits. No matter what background you come from. Whether you’re educated or not. Yes, some people are better off than others. They have no mental or physical disabilities. They’re looked upon in a different light, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. We hear so many say, ”I’m not perfect.” When they strive to be more than what is possible. Only Adam and Eve were perfect. They lived in a perfect world. There was no sin at that time, but they chose to go their own way. And look at the results. We live for just so long. We have to suffer with something during our lifetimes. We will all die within time. The best that any of us can do is be the best that IS possible. Nothing more, nothing less.


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