Find Time to Write!

I love cuddling up in my favorite chair to write. It’s a brown velvet swivel rocker that I’ve had for more than five years now. A cup of coffee or some snacks help. I usually leave TV on too. The news, a movie, or something mysterious always capture my attention unless I’m bored. Shopping can be done later. Checking on relatives and friends can’t be overlooked. Exercise and going somewhere are necessary. But I don’t socialize much. My parents were outgoing. My father loved watching baseball (he played minor league when young). As a child, I went to ball games with my father. It was fun. He would have loved Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio but it was built long after he passed away. My mother was active in church affairs. She wouldn’t hesitate to help anyone. I believe in God and I do attend church. Unfortunately, my parents are both gone. My sisters socialize a lot especially the oldest one. But I’ve always been the quiet one and the baby of the family. They say the youngest ones are spoiled. Well, not all the time.

Anyhow, we all have favorite things to do while writing. Sometimes, it’s not possible to sit down and write. We’re on another job or out somewhere when it’s impossible to even jot a line down.

I was thinking about a new fiction story when one line came to mind, but I didn’t write it down and guess what? I forgot what it was. Anyhow, I do remember some of the words (you know writers guard everything). We’re particular about who edits our work. But being obsessed can take a toll till nothing gets done. Some writers are afraid that someone will steal their work. Check the markets, ask questions. Most of us have had those fears at one time or another, but don’t let what could become the biggest achievement that you’ve ever made go to waste.


Book Promotion

I don’t have a book to promote, but I’m working on poetry and stories to build up a following. Yes, I’ve said that before several times in the past. And it’s still true. I’m not the kind of writer who wants to just blog about something. Serious writers work everyday (unless they’re on vacation). Even then, many of you will write or work on something in relation to writing.

It usually takes months before I finish a story, but I do write poems quicker. Well, sometimes. I plan on putting books out there. And I have lots of stories that have never been published. Trying my hand as an indie is very challenging. I must keep going. Some publishers haven’t accepted my stories that have been republished. One said my story wasn’t quite right. Nevertheless, I only send work to publishers that accept a certain kind of science fiction or fantasy story. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. Even though it wasn’t accepted, that’s all right because all writers go through that process.

I’ve seen quite a lot of writers on Amazon who don’t seem to promote their stories. There are no reviews, the work has been on Amazon for months or even years. We can’t expect publishers to do everything. We have to promote our work too. We have family members, friends, associates, we have the internet that can help.

I just read an article on and the writer said that we have to have a plan. Well, of course we do. And I have a lot to figure out myself.

Fake or Real Name?

I know some of you maybe puzzled by my name. The one here called lorac888890 is only one that I call myself. The ones on my Facebook and Twitter account are also different. So, if you don’t know then more than likely you’ll find out in time. And that’s fine. The main reason why I have different names is because my real name Carol is too typical. You may think of Christmas Carols or the girl next door. I love some foreign names. Talibah M. maybe more fitting for a romance character. It’s Egyptian for, seeks knowledge.

We all have different reasons for using pseudonyms, it doesn’t always mean someone is up to something. So, if you find my other names, you’ll know why they’re different.

A New Path

I thank all of you for sharing your likes and opinions with me on matters that continue to be very important. We can’t ignore what is going on in our country and it doesn’t matter where you live in this world. Because we are all connected as people. But now, I must move on. I know many of you are writers too. I read you blogs and some of the most brilliant work provided. So, it’s important for me to get back into that field. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since my work has been published. While working on new projects, I’ll spend time blogging in that field.

It can be fiction or non-fiction. It can be photography, some of you are new in that field and you’re doing extraordinary work. Most of us want something new, not what has been done over and over. But it will involve writing, not my opinion on different topics anymore.

In the beginning I had planned to blog about writing only, but it ended up in a different direction. So now, I will stay in the field of writing. Once again, thank you so much but come back and keep reading my blogs.