Book Promotion

I don’t have a book to promote, but I’m working on poetry and stories to build up a following. Yes, I’ve said that before several times in the past. And it’s still true. I’m not the kind of writer who wants to just blog about something. Serious writers work everyday (unless they’re on vacation). Even then, many of you will write or work on something in relation to writing.

It usually takes months before I finish a story, but I do write poems quicker. Well, sometimes. I plan on putting books out there. And I have lots of stories that have never been published. Trying my hand as an indie is very challenging. I must keep going. Some publishers haven’t accepted my stories that have been republished. One said my story wasn’t quite right. Nevertheless, I only send work to publishers that accept a certain kind of science fiction or fantasy story. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. Even though it wasn’t accepted, that’s all right because all writers go through that process.

I’ve seen quite a lot of writers on Amazon who don’t seem to promote their stories. There are no reviews, the work has been on Amazon for months or even years. We can’t expect publishers to do everything. We have to promote our work too. We have family members, friends, associates, we have the internet that can help.

I just read an article on and the writer said that we have to have a plan. Well, of course we do. And I have a lot to figure out myself.


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