Write Something Daring

Do you ever think about daring things to write about? It doesn’t have to be fiction. Just raw brutal honesty. It can be your life or someone else’s. A lot of stories are that way. Mysteries and nonfiction in particular. I’m thinking about writing a mystery, but it won’t involve murder. They’re too typical when it comes to that. Even though, some are very good. I’ve never written a raw brutal story myself. And I haven’t read one in a long time. Some are so real they make you cry. When people expose things that have happened to them, it generally reminds one of so many other stories. You can guess what they are because they happen everyday. In small towns and big cities, but too many people over look them. Well, that’s one reason why they keep happening. Not to mention the crooked lawyers and judges. No, they’re not all crooked, but too many of them are.

People write about anything. And some of what shouldn’t sell, does.