Dealing with jealousy

How many stories have we read about jealousy? Too many. They’re on TV just about everyday.

I was just reading a blog from one of my readers about the obsessive jealous type. You know how they are. They accuse you of doing things you know aren’t true. What’s the best thing to do? Get out of that relationship. When you see the signs, don’t get involved with anyone like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. But it seems like women are more likely to be in relationships like these than men.

I read from the that it all comes down to insecurity. There maybe a connection between jealousy and infidelity. Even though the article deals with men and not women. The warning signs are: Did he grow up around infidelity? Has he been cheated on? Does he have a poor self-image? and Are you more successful or more highly paid than him?

Remember, the article concerns men not women. The heading is: How to deal with a jealous guy written by SHARON BEXLEY,




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