Animal cruelty

A law passed in my home state Ohio prohibits future private acquisition of dangerous wild animals, including big cats, some smaller exotic cats, bears, hyenas, gray wolves, some primate species, alligators and crocodiles. Current owners may keep their animals as long as they register and obtain a permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The law was passed in 2012 according from an article from The Humane Society.

Now, the worst case that I’ve heard of was back in 2011 when an owner released 50 large animals, including tigers, grizzly bears, and lions from their cages in Zanesville, Ohio. The animals were killed by law enforcement to protect human safety. Why the owner in Zanesville did those horrible things doesn’t make any sense. But I feel no one should be allowed to own any wild or exotic animals because they belong in the wild. Those animals are not pets.┬áSo, the law that passed in my state isn’t fair enough.