Kids who are always in trouble

The mother told her son not to waste money on a so-called rock star. ”None of them are worth it ,” she made clear. But her son paid for the tickets not the mom which he gladly reminded her. Well, some entertainers aren’t worth the money that many pay for, but that’s my opinion. I’ve paid to see entertainers too and they were worth every dime I paid. At least the son works and pays for a lot of things that he wants because some don’t. They play up to their parents, tell them all kinds of lies to get money or anything else from their parents. Why do parents keep falling for these ridiculous games? Well, some love their kids too much. They spoil them rotten. When the kids get older, it’s too late to chastise them.

When someone tries to talk sense to the parent, they won’t listen. They say, ”You don’t have any kids so you wouldn’t understand.” But you don’t have to be a parent to understand they should be chastised. Some people who’ve never had kids do better than those who do. And it’s not the matter of trying to tell a parent how to chastise their kids. We see the little hardheaded ones everyday. They curse and will attack you if you say anything to them. So society has a right to complain about these kids who are trouble. As far as I’m concerned, some people shouldn’t have kids if they aren’t going to discipline them because they’re creating more problems on society.


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