Get Ready for the ”Next-Gen Broadcast TV”

I bet you haven’t heard about the ”Next-Gen Broadcast TV” service yet. Well, technically called ATSC 3.0. It’s a new broadcast standard. It has a few big differences from our current ATSC 1.0. It will have the advantage of broadcast and broadband. Right now, we can’t get 4K video over-the-air broadcasts. That will change with ATSC 3.0. They say we’ll get more reliability, higher-quality. Will we have to buy a new TV? Maybe. Will it be free? Well, that’s another maybe. There must be a catch. Consumer groups say they will insist that consumers continue to have access to free over-the-air high-definition TV reception. FCC wants to authorize the rollout by the end of the year. Some broadcasters are rushing to make the change. TV makers such as LG are working to make the change now in Korea, the first country to begin ATCS 3.0 broadcasts. So, we’ll all know in time.


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