Do you know who God really is?

Do you know who God is? Well, he’s not a man but some of you may find that surprising. Yes, Jesus came here in the form of a man. He walked, talked and performed miracles. Some of you may say that’s nothing unusual because humans can do that. Well, the only way that a human can perform a miracle is through God. We cannot do that on our own because we don’t have that ability.

God is the supreme being, not a supreme being. Now, I use he and not she to emphasize. God is neither male or female. In some pagan societies Jesus is black. Krishna is also black. The Babylonians are some of the earliest people who worshipped their own god. They built a tower. So, the true God confused their language and scattered them around the world. Now, those who believe in evolution may say something different because they do not believe in God. They don’t believe we were created, but there’s a lot of evidence that proves otherwise.

Adam and Eve didn’t have to read about God. They didn’t have to attend church. They saw God in the garden of Eden. So, it wasn’t necessary to read about Him. When they sinned everything changed. The whole world was different, they looked different. Nothing was the same. They had to work to feed and clothe themselves.

Bible School is sometimes more important than regular service because you learn more about God and the bible. Some Christians are fanatics. They seem to forget that we cannot live above being human. That does not mean to dwell in sin. Many of you know that I like to write about different topics. We’re living in the last days because things that are going on have never happened before. I’ll write more about those things as time goes on. But in the meantime, take care.


Take Control

take a dive into the deep

you must take time out for self

the mind and heart will rejuvenate.


can’t sit still

too busy getting my groove on

dancing, feeling good

just having fun.


when the spirit moves, you must react

so make a joyful noise

be as loud as necessary.


scream out loud!

don’t hold that anger inside

too much pressure will do harm

so, let it out for your own sake

good things for the mind and soul.




working fingers to the bone

I can finally take a break

the outcome is another story


watching troubled youths

their lives hang in balance

but so does ours


sweet potato pie

oh, my favorite

keep tabs on blood sugar

a necessity for health


so faraway and beautiful

those lands out east

from Africa to Asia


winter will come later

but early cool air

too soon for summer

strange climatic change

There are limits

Calla lily

Beautiful as can be

but also extremely toxic,

its roots are the most dangerous.

DO NOT touch or eat any plant that you’re not familiar with.

My source: MedlinePlus/gov/ency/article/002864.htm.


news reporting,

some do correct errors

but we all should weigh evidence.


what is meant to be cannot be stopped

everything happens for a reason

but praying does help



Things on my Mind

being too real

just a little something from my own experiences

but sometimes, we have to scream!

as an example, look at our government

what a mess!

and it gets worse everyday.

we must come together for our own good.


love does not hurt,

it cannot harm anyone

when things go wrong, some blame love

but it’s really something that ended up bad

love is just what the dictionary says–

to have a strong deep affection for.

as we get older, we begin to see things more clearly,

but that takes a lot of time and time is moving right along.


oh, clobber the son of a gun

he had it coming,

but didn’t your mother teach you self-control?

well, I turned the other cheek

so, that didn’t help huh

no, he was asking for it

well, sometimes we have to defend ourselves

by any means necessary.

so, are you encouraging violence?

no, one should only fight physically when necessary.

well, I’m sure some will take that the wrong way.

only if they don’t read this right.


now, you know we all have hair problems from time to time

most African- Americans have tight curly hair,

even if it’s soft, it’s difficult to manage

so it’s best to use certain products that work well

now, those with curly hair can dangle those curls more freely

because the hair isn’t tight.

and those with straight hair can style their hair easily.

But some are tired of hair, they’ll have it cut off

unless there’s a hair condition, they simply don’t want

to comb or have their hair done any longer.

and that’s fine.

It doesn’t bother me at all.

I hope you feel the same way too.





More than school books

I can’t find the thing.

Well, look closer.

I still don’t see it!

That’s what happens when we’re so angry

we can’t see straight.


Mothers have given us so much,

but don’t forget our fathers.

No, they didn’t bring us into the world

And some of us get along better with fathers

Don’t forget, some parents carry the name only

and that’s very sad because too many children

are suffering because of those very problems.


it’s important to have more than book knowledge in life

otherwise, what happens if you don’t know some of the games?

but it’s more important for women.

the world is beautiful in so many ways; there are

beautiful people around the world, there’s so much beauty to see and experience

But in our world, there are evil people.

It blows the mind just how vile some really are at times

so the more you know, the better to be prepared.






Queen Alexandra Butterflies

I stopped by one of our member’s blog. Grady went to the Smithsonian sometime back and watched butterflies. Well, I just had to ask if he had seen any giant butterflies? They’re found in Asia and they grow as large as 12 inches long. The males are more beautiful than females with their gleaming bright colors. They’re also on the endangered list. I wrote a poem about these fascinating creatures that was published in a late issue of Space and Time magazine. They’re really something to see.

It takes all kinds of people

looking around, not sure of what to do

in this new environment where there’s

no familiar face.

it’s not easy to meet new friends when

some look away as if avoiding you.

People are funny that way

you’re not sure if they’re playing a game,

but time is too short to waste.


I was irritable, not in the mood

when someone came right out of the blue and made the

funniest joke about life.

I laughed and forgot all about my own situation.

These moments in time sure make a difference.


Some of us are mild mannered,

life will never weigh them down for long.

Others are just too serious,

every little thing matters.

They fuss about everything.

It makes you wonder how do they

get through life, but many of

them live long lives. Which reminds me

of this, ”It takes all kinds of people to make a world.”

Peace with my Soul

a time to get out in the open air

but watch out for the danger zone

bad weather is sure to bound.


singing those same old songs

doo-wop from the 50s

early rhythm-and-blues.


A lot will happen

a lot has happened

the inevitable.


singing can make one happy

find a niche

don’t linger in despair.


Old enough to know some things

pass it on

hopefully it will help others.