It takes all kinds of people

looking around, not sure of what to do

in this new environment where there’s

no familiar face.

it’s not easy to meet new friends when

some look away as if avoiding you.

People are funny that way

you’re not sure if they’re playing a game,

but time is too short to waste.


I was irritable, not in the mood

when someone came right out of the blue and made the

funniest joke about life.

I laughed and forgot all about my own situation.

These moments in time sure make a difference.


Some of us are mild mannered,

life will never weigh them down for long.

Others are just too serious,

every little thing matters.

They fuss about everything.

It makes you wonder how do they

get through life, but many of

them live long lives. Which reminds me

of this, ”It takes all kinds of people to make a world.”


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