Things on my Mind

being too real

just a little something from my own experiences

but sometimes, we have to scream!

as an example, look at our government

what a mess!

and it gets worse everyday.

we must come together for our own good.


love does not hurt,

it cannot harm anyone

when things go wrong, some blame love

but it’s really something that ended up bad

love is just what the dictionary says–

to have a strong deep affection for.

as we get older, we begin to see things more clearly,

but that takes a lot of time and time is moving right along.


oh, clobber the son of a gun

he had it coming,

but didn’t your mother teach you self-control?

well, I turned the other cheek

so, that didn’t help huh

no, he was asking for it

well, sometimes we have to defend ourselves

by any means necessary.

so, are you encouraging violence?

no, one should only fight physically when necessary.

well, I’m sure some will take that the wrong way.

only if they don’t read this right.


now, you know we all have hair problems from time to time

most African- Americans have tight curly hair,

even if it’s soft, it’s difficult to manage

so it’s best to use certain products that work well

now, those with curly hair can dangle those curls more freely

because the hair isn’t tight.

and those with straight hair can style their hair easily.

But some are tired of hair, they’ll have it cut off

unless there’s a hair condition, they simply don’t want

to comb or have their hair done any longer.

and that’s fine.

It doesn’t bother me at all.

I hope you feel the same way too.






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