Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was worse than what some expected, but complaints continue to come in. Weather reports stated that water may rise from 30 to 35 feet.  Ofcourse, it was worse in some areas. Telling people to stay home wasn’t the right response. We remember what happened during the Katrina failures. Nevertheless, people are being helped a lot faster. Pray and do what you can.  But one young lady was sitting on the roof waving. I suppose she didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, quite a few people are that way. No matter what help is offered. There were people in a hotel who were rescued. Officials did say to stay on a roof and not in attics so that rescuers can see them.

The dam can only hold back so much before it breaks. I continue to learn more on a daily basis. Harvey continues to move on up. Tornado warnings have been issued. Hopefully, it will settle down so workers can start cleaning up. A lot of property has been damaged. People will rebuild or move somewhere else. It’s something how fast rain can buildup. I know flash floods are other terrible storms. While a weather guy was reporting, a guy drove right past him. That was not the right thing to do. We’ve seen drivers get trapped that way. When water levels rise too high, no driver can get through.

They’ve opened more centers and that’s a good thing. People need everything; food, clothing, water, medicine, you name it. Some should have friends and relatives who are willing to help. But did any of you see the flying red ants? They were in colonies drifting in the water. I’m telling you that is something. And don’t forget the alligators and snakes. I saw a brief report that some famous people are offering help. That’s good. Anyhow, do what you can and pray.


Things we do and say

to be or not to be

whatever will happen

is not always under our control


so gross

has nothing to do with weight

but something so sickening


at your beck and call

what’s wrong with beckon call?

it’s a mishearing of the other


time stands still

that has never happened

because it’s not possible


How are you doing?

or How are you?

I prefer the second one


eat plenty of vegetables

and some meat

drink lots of water

but try a  Mediterranean dish for a change

it’s something different

More have left already–

I stopped by to read what Kendall ( one of our member’s) said concerning Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. They were gifted entertainers, but Dick Gregory really kept us in check. He never lost his fun side even later on in life. Mr. Gregory became more serious in relation to the plight of humanity. And we can’t forget Jerry Lewis. He was also very funny and lovable. Do you remeber that he was part of the ”Rat Pack?” But we have lost so many stars this year. Just about every week, one has passed on. Some I never knew. I have never known so many stars to leave at this rate. Anyhow, don’t forget that we’re all stars too in our own way.


Walking into what’s called Magnifico where people enjoy fun, drinks, and good food. I wasn’t surprised to here Spanish accents, but people from different cultures weren’t arguing over anything. I sat back and watched. This new place opened a week ago, a friend told me about it but I decided to come on my own. When a young waiter came by, I ordered a leafy salad with an orange drink. Children nearby were busy playing board games, but that changed when their order arrived. I can speak a little Spanish so that helped communicating with new people.

We laughed and talked about stereotypes. Knowing how foolish so many people are. They miss out on a lot for being narrow minded. Anyhow, my salad had extra sharp cheese because it’s more filling to me with lots of vegetables. I would’ve stayed longer but business is business. Nevertheless, I’m sure going to return.

Take control

he lost weight because the doctor said so,

but shouldn’t it be his choice?

The doctor was probably right

nevertheless, the person should make that decision.


some people get on your nerves,

they’re always trying to run someone’s life

you shouldn’t have to tell them again and again


take control–

that is so hard for many of us

because other people have taken over

stop it, take back what is yours



Have you seen that cute commercial

where a mouse jumps from a window and

lands inside of a new Kia car?

the mouse has on a pamper and at least two

others are in the car (one is driving).

Well, they’ve brought back so many fantasy

movies and commercials. It makes me

wonder what will they come up with next?







new developments

don’t make matters worse

carry on


hate and ignorance

go hand in hand

they allow fear to take over

a solution that solves nothing


if you continue on the wrong

path then you have no one else

to blame


never to live a long life

troubled soul suffers a great deal

can’t find relief

except in death

many have chosen that path

well, some did try to help

but every situation is different


some are tired of advice because

it doesn’t solve anything for them

some are tired from hearing others

tell them what to do when they don’t

follow their own advice

but if you find a helping hand

don’t turn it down


What’s more important?

it’s hard to resist

when you see all those rich desserts

that are waiting to be devoured;

creamy sweet pie with the perfect crust

you may wonder how could it be that good?

but it didn’t come from the store.

you know homemade is always better.

read the label from any store bought dessert

then you’ll understand.


they plan on going to Mars

why when no one will ever live there?

the other planets are too cold or too hot.

they will never change because they’re designed that way

don’t misunderstand, I really enjoy NASA very much

but I don’t care for some things they do.

there’s no air on the Moon and other problems make that impossible

humans can’t live on Earth without polluting our air, water, and food,

but that doesn’t stop them from using a space station and the mission to Mars.


Does practice make us perfect?

Does practice make us perfect? Well, according from a study at Princeton and Michigan State University practice won’t make us perfect, it will usually make us better. One of the professor’s said this question is the subject of a long-running  debate in psychology. And no wonder because it’s an age-old question. So, don’t wear yourself out by trying to be perfect. Having the perfect score on tests or anything else in life. It’s not possible. But we can do the best that’s possible.