What’s more important?

it’s hard to resist

when you see all those rich desserts

that are waiting to be devoured;

creamy sweet pie with the perfect crust

you may wonder how could it be that good?

but it didn’t come from the store.

you know homemade is always better.

read the label from any store bought dessert

then you’ll understand.


they plan on going to Mars

why when no one will ever live there?

the other planets are too cold or too hot.

they will never change because they’re designed that way

don’t misunderstand, I really enjoy NASA very much

but I don’t care for some things they do.

there’s no air on the Moon and other problems make that impossible

humans can’t live on Earth without polluting our air, water, and food,

but that doesn’t stop them from using a space station and the mission to Mars.