A Danger to our Democracy!

Well, you know who I’m referring to by now. He should be put under a prison somewhere and thrown away the keys. It’s a shame that those dirty lying rotten republicans (and others) continue to support someone who’s evil. He rolled back every worthy cause that president Obama had put into place. If our economy and other things get worse people will take to the streets in hordes. You’ll see a mass of anger like never before. People are more sick and tired of him everyday. Those republicans and others who support that lying excuse for a president know what he’s all about. Separating kids from their parents. He made the situation much worse. Some of those poor kids are probably dead by now.

Yes, that’s the unfortunate truth. They don’t care anything about those kids and what did that so-called first lady do? Made herself look more stupid and had the nerve to wear a coat that said She really doesn’t Care on the back. Now, how could anyone be that stupid? Now, one thing about this is, we don’t have the resources for all those people. We have people who fight drug crime every single day. Young and old. What about all those lies about helping Chicago? His golf courses continue to lose money. Everything that he touches goes bad.  And no wonder.





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