All Within Time

It will take time to correct mistakes made.

It will take time to finish this work.

It will take time to make a way out of no way?

Some of you have heard that last line many times

especially if you’re involved in church matters.

How can anyone make a way out of no way?

That’s because He is the way and nothing

is difficult for God.

As long as it’s based on biblical principles.

If He can make the universe and everything in

and beyond then why would it be impossible

for Him to be the way?

The way has been pointed out.

The foundation is there for our eyes to see.

Look at our country, that so-called president

isn’t the only problem we face.

The Russian government isn’t our only problem.

There are people in and out of government

who’ve been working against our country

since at least World War II.

It becomes more clear every single day.

But the House cannot solve all of our problems.

Only God can do that.

No human has that kind of power.

Even for those who don’t believe in God,

you can’t overlook what’s happening in our

country as well as the world.