King Tut’s Dagger made from what?

I suppose many of you watch science from time to time. Well, I was watching one on King Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was about three daggers found made of iron. Well, they couldn’t figure out how a dagger could’ve been made of iron from that time period. So, they claimed it came from a meteorite. Now, how is that possible? It doesn’t make sense. The documentary was a repeat from June of last year. Now, these so-called experts claim iron did not exist during King Tut’s time. Well, they must have gotten it from somewhere. Is it possible to make a dagger from a meteorite?

These experts from Italy and Egypt said their new studies appear to settle the matter. That doesn’t mean proof. They were assuming. I may write more on this matter in another blog.


We can learn from each other

afraid to talk about race

it’s a reflection in your face

don’t play the game

to run, hide, and blame


can we talk?

don’t get up and walk

you’re bound to gain something

that will add more than nothing


they waste time in ignorance

out of stupidity

they never listen to reason

the fools are beyond help


educated fools

are sometimes religious,

but they don’t represent God

they represent evil


some of us do talk about race relations

without calling each other dirty names

treat others as you’d want to be treated

then take it from there


some parents teach their children to hate

and that’s terrible

because that child should learn how to

get along in this world

children have enough problems as it is

than to be brought up that way


it’s good to blog about issues,

but only if they have meaning

some people are hateful

they stir up trouble

unfortunately, too many follow them


Apocalyptic images

raging fires

climate control a factor,

dryness since 1979


a report from The New York Times

go to website

to check for air quality


other reasons for the fires–

officials are not sure,

but in general most are caused by people


often break in October

record heat over summer

turning small fires into infernos


forced evaluations in rural areas

of Northern California

Apocalyptic images

For Foodies

another good foodie

without shortening

for making crust,

the answer is butter

or use a replacement

from animal fat.


chicken or seafood

with a fresh leafy salad

just add a little vinegar mixed with olive oil

to give it that zest


some burn up calories fast

they’re usually thin

oh, darn it

if it’s hard to maintain a goal


fight for control,

a difficult lesson

for many of us


what goes in

must come out

one way or another


do you have brothers?

they can show you how to fight

that can save your life

and provide a good work out

Some things should never change

Remember the word ”vase” and how the pronunciation has changed over time? It use to have the long sound. Now, it’s pronounced as vaz. The word ”Niger” is another example. It is pronounced ne zher no longer Ni ger with the long sound. I wonder why do they continue to change words? I prefer the old way, but it is no longer being used.

And what about the metric system? I read from an article on CNN that Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States are the only countries that do not use the metric system. The article says that it all started with Thomas Jefferson. He proposed dividing coins into tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. Congress approved his plan and America became the first country to adopt a currency in decimals. I’m sure that others feel we’re far behind, but I like our old way. I wish some things would stay the same and not change.

Fighting for the Right Reasons

strolling along

hand in hand

bringing up the past

in order to move ahead


lost in limbo

shattered reminders

continue to haunt

a bewildered past

that tries to heal


shame and discussed

over unsettled problems

that may never leave


bearing the soul,

will truth set us free

or continue down

a negative path?


we can learn from others,

their lives bear witness

to repeated failures


we’ve been through this many times

at one point we should have learned,

is there hope for the future?


no dancing around on empty promises

we finally came to the conclusion

that we’re fighting for the right reasons






All about cooking and wine

the incredible egg

well, it over boiled

but was still good


some of the best meals are

cooked from those who learned

from trial and error


American meals are often delicious,

but try something from another culture

that can be just as tasty


cooking can take long hours,

but don’t forget quick meals

you’ll save time


I still eat meat

and vegetables,

it’s all up to the individual


my favorite wine, Martini & Rossi

mild and delicious

no bland taste at all





Is Your Water Safe?

City spokesman said tap water is safe

they continue to monitor microsystin in Lake Erie

so be careful


toxic water

is still a threat

to residents in Toledo, Oh


CDC report

harmful algal blooms

a problem around the world


health officials say tap water is safe

decision based on visual observations and not test results

avoid contact from Anthony Wayne Bridge to the river’s mouth


buying bottles of water

to be on the safe side,



children, elderly, and others

take precautions,

health advisory


no swimming or wading in Maumee River

watch local news

and check sources


in 35 years,

an advocate for clean air

said his Lake Erie area is worse than ever


phosphorous –mostly spring fertilizer

runoff from farm fields in Northwest Ohio

is part of the problem








Stop and think

tough words

ranting back and forward

like other things, will come to an end


a need to move forward

not backward,

but time is limited


we have the right to make a stand

govern self accordingly,

but don’t lose insight


we’re in jeopardy

on all levels,

will we learn from history?


prayer never happens without works

we pull together

as a people


look within

stop blaming others

we’re all guilty of something at times


Food for Thought

wearing two colors

black and white

which one gets dirty fast?

the white one.

No, the dirt shows up more because

white is light.


the sun rises in the east

and sets in the west.

No, the earth goes around the sun

as all the other planets.

But the sun looks as if it’s actually

rising and setting at different times.


nothing from nothing leaves nothing,

you can’t take nothing from something

because there is nothing


They say, ”If you try hard enough, you will succeed.”

Even if you don’t succeed, something good

should happen just the same


Jesus rose on the third day,

but Friday to Sunday are not three days

and remember, Jesus had already risen.

Unfortunately, some people misinterpret what the Bible says

which causes confusion to this day


Akhenaten believed the sun was god,

but Moses and other Hebrews who

became Israelites believed in the true God,

not a thing to represent.