Take control


he lost weight because the doctor said so,

but shouldn’t it be his choice?

The doctor was probably right

nevertheless, the person should make that decision.


some people get on your nerves,

they’re always trying to run someone’s life

you shouldn’t have to tell them again and again


take control–

that is so hard for many of us

because other people have taken over

stop it, take back what is yours



Have you seen that cute commercial

where a mouse jumps from a window and

lands inside of a new Kia car?

the mouse has on a pamper and at least two

others are in the car (one is driving).

Well, they’ve brought back so many fantasy

movies and commercials. It makes me

wonder what will they come up with next?








new developments

don’t make matters worse

carry on


hate and ignorance

go hand in hand

they allow fear to take over

a solution that solves nothing


if you continue on the wrong

path then you have no one else

to blame


never to live a long life

troubled soul suffers a great deal

can’t find relief

except in death

many have chosen that path

well, some did try to help

but every situation is different


some are tired of advice because

it doesn’t solve anything for them

some are tired from hearing others

tell them what to do when they don’t

follow their own advice

but if you find a helping hand

don’t turn it down


What’s more important?


it’s hard to resist

when you see all those rich desserts

that are waiting to be devoured;

creamy sweet pie with the perfect crust

you may wonder how could it be that good?

but it didn’t come from the store.

you know homemade is always better.

read the label from any store bought dessert

then you’ll understand.


they plan on going to Mars

why when no one will ever live there?

the other planets are too cold or too hot.

they will never change because they’re designed that way

don’t misunderstand, I really enjoy NASA very much

but I don’t care for some things they do.

there’s no air on the Moon and other problems make that impossible

humans can’t live on Earth without polluting our air, water, and food,

but that doesn’t stop them from using a space station and the mission to Mars.


Does practice make us perfect?


Does practice make us perfect? Well, according from a study at Princeton and Michigan State University practice won’t make us perfect, it will usually make us better. One of the professor’s said this question is the subject of a long-runningĀ  debate in psychology. And no wonder because it’s an age-old question. So, don’t wear yourself out by trying to be perfect. Having the perfect score on tests or anything else in life. It’s not possible. But we can do the best that’s possible.

Do you know who God really is?


Do you know who God is? Well, he’s not a man but some of you may find that surprising. Yes, Jesus came here in the form of a man. He walked, talked and performed miracles. Some of you may say that’s nothing unusual because humans can do that. Well, the only way that a human can perform a miracle is through God. We cannot do that on our own because we don’t have that ability.

God is the supreme being, not a supreme being. Now, I use he and not she to emphasize. God is neither male or female. In some pagan societies Jesus is black. Krishna is also black. The Babylonians are some of the earliest people who worshipped their own god. They built a tower. So, the true God confused their language and scattered them around the world. Now, those who believe in evolution may say something different because they do not believe in God. They don’t believe we were created, but there’s a lot of evidence that proves otherwise.

Adam and Eve didn’t have to read about God. They didn’t have to attend church. They saw God in the garden of Eden. So, it wasn’t necessary to read about Him. When they sinned everything changed. The whole world was different, they looked different. Nothing was the same. They had to work to feed and clothe themselves.

Bible School is sometimes more important than regular service because you learn more about God and the bible. Some Christians are fanatics. They seem to forget that we cannot live above being human. That does not mean to dwell in sin. Many of you know that I like to write about different topics. We’re living in the last days because things that are going on have never happened before. I’ll write more about those things as time goes on. But in the meantime, take care.

Take Control


take a dive into the deep

you must take time out for self

the mind and heart will rejuvenate.


can’t sit still

too busy getting my groove on

dancing, feeling good

just having fun.


when the spirit moves, you must react

so make a joyful noise

be as loud as necessary.


scream out loud!

don’t hold that anger inside

too much pressure will do harm

so, let it out for your own sake

good things for the mind and soul.