Get Ready for the ”Next-Gen Broadcast TV”


I bet you haven’t heard about the ”Next-Gen Broadcast TV” service yet. Well, technically called ATSC 3.0. It’s a new broadcast standard. It has a few big differences from our current ATSC 1.0. It will have the advantage of broadcast and broadband. Right now, we can’t get 4K video over-the-air broadcasts. That will change with ATSC 3.0. They say we’ll get more reliability, higher-quality. Will we have to buy a new TV? Maybe. Will it be free? Well, that’s another maybe. There must be a catch. Consumer groups say they will insist that consumers continue to have access to free over-the-air high-definition TV reception. FCC wants to authorize the rollout by the end of the year. Some broadcasters are rushing to make the change. TV makers such as LG are working to make the change now in Korea, the first country to begin ATCS 3.0 broadcasts. So, we’ll all know in time.

Just a Little of Something


So upset till everything turned red

It’s hard to breathe or to think,

but after all of the sudden eruption

a certain calm issued in at last.


Meeting someone for the first time,

we never know how things will turn out.

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood

knowing it may become another obstacle.

Well, life is strange in many ways.

And it sure will lead to something.


It’s another day, another time

that never stops.

No matter what happens,

we can’t change it at all.

We’re all here on different paths,

but the end is always the same.



We have the right to know


Democratic senators are at the senate tonight in an effort to stop changes to the Affordable Care Act. They’re on C-SPAN2 right now. Use the hash tag #HoldTheFloor. It’s a shame to try to pass a bill without allowing democrats and the people to read it. To my understanding some of them (republicans and democrats) don’t take the time to read bills at all. Just because the republicans have majority rule doesn’t make it right. And it doesn’t matter what your political views are. We as citizens have the right to know!

Our country needs a complete change


Everything that comes from the media isn’t always true. Sometimes, a writer will admit information that went out was actually a mistake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. They don’t always correct themselves. When high ranking officials warn us about these things, we may think twice. Even if that official rarely does such things. It makes us wonder that much more. Will our president be impeached or will he do what Nixon did, resign? These are different times, but so much of what happened then continues on to this day. History repeats itself too many times. They never learn. When all is said and done then what?

Be more selective in choosing the next elected official? We need a complete change because our system is corrupt from the president on down. What will happen to our country? Can we survive this?

A Lesson to Learn


Lisa sat down in a corner and started crying because she knew all along who’s the guilty one here. She can hear her mother say, ”Girl, don’t sit there and tell another lie.” But it didn’t register. When she stole that money, it didn’t register at the time. Lisa couldn’t look into the judge’s eyes, she couldn’t face her own mother. Serving 10 years for stabbing an innocent victim could have been avoided if only Lisa had listened. Like so many others, Lisa never thought that she’d get caught. She had been stealing, fighting, and lying for way too long. At 23, she’ll be spending all those years in a prison cell. The people she ran around with are probably somewhere laughing at her because after all, they didn’t get caught. But you’ll reap what you sow. And this maybe a lesson that she’ll finally learn the hard way.

The Tony Awards!


I haven’t been to a play in years, that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed watching the Tony Awards. Even though I missed part of the show. Most of us remember William Shakespeare from school. Some of you have played on stage. Nevertheless, I was more interested in movies and I did have a small role in one years ago.

I was watching Kevin Spacey (who was also the host) do an imitation of former president Clinton. At first I didn’t recognize Kevin until I kept looking. It was funny.  I read from that Kevin is a Tony Award winner too. I didn’t know that. And Hillary was also mentioned. There were more presenters too. It was good to see Bette Miller because I wondered what she has been doing in at least the past year. She won her first Tony award as Dolly Levi, in the hilarious revival of Hello Dolly!

I congratulate all the winners!

You know they’ll be talking about everything, including what the stars wore. And by the way, some of the dresses were stunning as usual. The guys wore fabulous too, but the ladies outshine.

James Earl Jones was scheduled to receive a special Lifetime Achievement award. I  missed that part. He was great on Broadway and movies. He and the late Yul Brynner are among my favorite actors of all time. There are so many talented performers and many have won awards tonight. But I wonder how many of you out there know where the name ”Tony” comes from? It is in honor of Mary Antoinette Perry. She was an American actress and director. And don’t forget Hamilton. Goodnight!

The Cavaliers are Winning!


It’s finally coming down to this game right now. My team the Cavaliers are winning against the Warriors. They’re in the 4th hour. Stephen A. Smith said it would come down do this. I just hope they win. Now, I don’t watch sports much. Maybe I should because as I’ve said before my family members have won numerous awards over the years. Anyhow, this is all for now. I must watch the game!