No Excuses

I had planned to write something at least every day, but that changed. A few months ago, I couldn’t log out of my Facebook account. It disappeared. The log out tab was gone. So, I closed that account out. I also closed my Twitter account too. It became boring to write anything. So, when you see a lack of responses, that’s usually the answer. I’m not going to make any excuses. I pray for us all because we all need God’s help whether you believe that or not. I know some people don’t believe in God. They accept evolution or something else. Scientists have proven the bible to be true. From early history on. Not one thing has ever been proven by evolution, not one. Those bones from Lucy were proven to be false. Just because we have a lot in common with apes doesn’t mean that we evolved from them. We have a lot in common with other creatures too.

Lies continue to be told about the bible every day. They lie about ancient Egypt. The country has always been in Africa. The original people came from Ham. Cush was the first son then Egypt Put, and Canaan. Believe it or not, Ethiopia was Cush who was black. Many of them were dark skinned back in those days. They were in power long before the Europeans. Slavery is nothing unique to black people. It still exists throughout the world today, right here in this country too. But it was much worse for my people because it took everything away from us. How we lived, our culture. If it wasn’t for God none of us would be here today. You can’t endure that evil without God pulling you through. Now, I know some of you disagree with some of what I’ve written, but it’s all true and I can back it up with proof. Be respectful, that’s all I ask. Don’t write back with hate and nonsense. In the meantime, take care.


A Danger to our Democracy!

Well, you know who I’m referring to by now. He should be put under a prison somewhere and thrown away the keys. It’s a shame that those dirty lying rotten republicans (and others) continue to support someone who’s evil. He rolled back every worthy cause that president Obama had put into place. If our economy and other things get worse people will take to the streets in hordes. You’ll see a mass of anger like never before. People are more sick and tired of him everyday. Those republicans and others who support that lying excuse for a president know what he’s all about. Separating kids from their parents. He made the situation much worse. Some of those poor kids are probably dead by now.

Yes, that’s the unfortunate truth. They don’t care anything about those kids and what did that so-called first lady do? Made herself look more stupid and had the nerve to wear a coat that said She really doesn’t Care on the back. Now, how could anyone be that stupid? Now, one thing about this is, we don’t have the resources for all those people. We have people who fight drug crime every single day. Young and old. What about all those lies about helping Chicago? His golf courses continue to lose money. Everything that he touches goes bad.  And no wonder.





America has a lot of enemies. Inside and out. Too many Americans are collaborating with the enemy. That’s one reason why we have such a fight on gun control. Some of these enemies claim to be Christian, but they are no more Christian than Hitler was. They go around speaking for the constitution, they’re always talking about ”the left.” But too many of them support that so-called president in office. Especially those in the middle and lower classes. Before that man was elected, they claim he was a good businessman. Based on what? He was corrupt long before he got in office.

And what are we going to do about Russia? If they aren’t stopped, what will happen to us? Can we wait for the next election? That’s not going to solve all of our problems. I know some who have good ideas that are worth a lot, but don’t leave God out of this terrible problem. I’ve written many times about these problems and no matter how bad things get, there is a God.

Greece Learned a lot from Phoenicia and Egypt.

How many of you know that Phoenicia and Egypt had a profound influence on classical Greece? Many of the gods from Greece came from Phoenicia. But it goes farther back. The first people who had pagan gods were the Ethiopians. If you remember, Ethiopia was once ancient Cush. The bible tells us that Ham had four sons; Cush, Egypt, Phut, and Canaan. Archaeologists have proven a lot of history from the bible. From ancient lands to jewelry. What hasn’t been proven is either lost over time or destroyed from wars or other calamities.

I know some of you will disagree, but you can’t argue with facts.

Summa Cum Laude gold cords

I’m so proud of my young nephew in Michigan who graduated from high school with an over 4 point average Summa Cum Laude gold cords on Sunday. He’s one of many in my family who have excelled in several areas. But I thank God before everything. Then I pray. We should always  give thanks first.

My life has changed a lot over time. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I use to be either. We all face trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, some of us have made too many mistakes in life. Without God, we wouldn’t be here. Some have past on. They didn’t live long enough to change, but that’s all right because God will take care of those things. We can only do so much. If you’ve done all that’s possible don’t sit around in  despair. Move on. God does fight our battles at times. You may think, Oh, I don’t see a way out. I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. During your weakest hour, God was there, but He works on His time. God is the creator, not us. Some believe that we evolved, but they’ve never proven any of that.

They claim that Lucy was a missing link between ape-like creatures and man. Well, is that what Richard Leakey said? No. He said no firm conclusion could be found about what species Lucy belonged to. And Richard Leakey isn’t the only one. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped people from believing otherwise. They’ve been taught those lies for too long. Anyhow, I have lots of work to finish so I’ll be back with more comments later.

It Gets Worse Everyday

The Deputy Attorney General Mr. Rod Rosenstein should know what the House is up to. They want to get rid of he and Mr. Robert Mueller. Which is a damn shame. You all know that other so-called lawyer and what he continues to say. Now, the woman did wrong too. But that so-called president lied and said he didn’t know her. He lies every single day. Oh, he never had any dealings with the Russians and on and on. He paid that woman to shut up. All his crooked dealings over the years that continues today. He is so damn sickening! And you know what they said about President Obama when he was in office. Of course, Obama wasn’t perfect, but he has done a lot more than that crook will ever do for THE PEOPLE. They’re suppose to work for US. Not the other way around. And they still call Obama a Nazi. When they are the ones. People better wake up. Pray and go out and VOTE!

A Kind of Haiku

they’re waking up            skilled in self-defense                     we only have one life

no longer abused             knowing how to protect                 take the initiative

in a sordid mess              from an attack                                  that will bring peace



He’s evil!

Well, of course he wants to fire Mr. Mueller but if I’m not wrong, he has to have justifiable cause. Which he doesn’t have. It’s a shame for someone like that to be in office. Mr. James Comey will be on MSNBC on the 15th before the release of his memoir, ”A Higher Loyalty.” I’ll be sure to watch. Stay tuned.

March for our Lives!

Well, I’m back once again. I don’t share any pictures as much which most of you are aware of, but I will from time to time. My main blog page is kept simple, nothing fancy. I see we had a wonderful March for our Lives on Saturday. That’s what it takes, people from different backgrounds working for an important cause. That’s how we will WIN!

Damn Cable Bills

YouTube TV has one of the best streaming services, but their live viewing needs more work.  Getting local live news coverage is difficult. You scroll down a list that is days behind. And they don’t have enough cable channels. Showtime and others cost extra. The cable companies charge those ridiculous fees and taxes go up almost every month. If you don’t get any deals, it’s that much worse. They all have certain territories. Buckeye Broadband has northwest Ohio and parts of southeast Michigan. AT&T is national but their service is limited too. In one part of Toledo, OH you can’t get AT&T’s cable service because of technical issues but you can get their home phone and internet service. AT&T bought Direct TV a few years ago. Their Direct TV streaming service doesn’t work well. Channels don’t come in clear. They all have satellite, cable, and streaming service, but Spectrum doesn’t have 2-year contracts.

Of course some viewers don’t have any problems with service. The price and service is good, but too many of us do. I called BBB, the attorney general, and the company served because every week, the picture blurred, and other problems. The technician came out and did repairing but the same problem would start all over again. This went on for over a year. I told them that they were the problem. Since it wasn’t the building where I lived and it wasn’t my TV because I contacted that company and had them check it. I was given some discounts. Then after I adjusted my service plan it is better. We don’t need more companies buying others, we need better service and not those high prices.

Another problem that I’ve encountered are sales people. If you don’t have a solution why not ask for a supervisor? I’m talking to one going over and over a problem. You’d think the person would have enough sense to say, ”I’ll contact a supervisor for you.” But no they rather argue knowing they don’t have the answer. That’s what they’re for, to help. And my sister has had the same problem. It doesn’t make sense at all. They should have someone monitoring calls then may be they’d understand what some of us go through.

You know people have been complaining for years. And the FCC sued AT&T for throttling in 2014.

Now, I also have two antennas, but I can’t get all of my local news channels. I can only get one. I’ve read that some viewers love their antennas because they can get full service without paying taxes and fees. I want all local live news programs and my favorite cable channels with a good deal. And that certainly isn’t asking too much.