Happy New Year!

If you’re in America, New Years is almost here. But some of us don’t have resolutions because they’re usually broken. Well, do what you can. If it isn’t something important, don’t worry. And remember, little things do count. I’ve noticed that so many people have died this year such as, Della Reese, Al Jarreau, Tom Petty, as well as others. I love watching ET because for one thingĀ  they show a list of people who have passed on, but I missed it yesterday. Anyhow, I may find it On Demand somewhere. And the other reason, they’re so entertaining. Even when I don’t want to hear about some famous people for one reason or another. We’re all that way, but I’m not going to include any names. I know some of you understand (laugh). Anyhow, have fun and be careful.