Crimes against Humanity

The sexual assault cases that we see everyday go way back to slavery in this country. White men thought nothing about raping black women. The law didn’t protect her at all. And the wives of those white men knew their husbands were raping black women, but they did nothing to stop it. Even though times have changed women and girls are still being treated as nothing. But are all sexual assault cases true? No. Because we know SOME women have lied for all kinds of reasons.

Now, I know that all white men haven’t raped black women. I’m only speaking about what has happened in the past as well as today. And this isn’t a problem that happens only in American it continues to happen around the world.

The victim is usually blamed for the crime. Which is another terrible problem. But boys and men are also victims in some cases. I hope justice will be served, but this is a problem that continues everyday.