Fighting for the Right Reasons

strolling along

hand in hand

bringing up the past

in order to move ahead


lost in limbo

shattered reminders

continue to haunt

a bewildered past

that tries to heal


shame and discussed

over unsettled problems

that may never leave


bearing the soul,

will truth set us free

or continue down

a negative path?


we can learn from others,

their lives bear witness

to repeated failures


we’ve been through this many times

at one point we should have learned,

is there hope for the future?


no dancing around on empty promises

we finally came to the conclusion

that we’re fighting for the right reasons







A Lesson to Learn

Lisa sat down in a corner and started crying because she knew all along who’s the guilty one here. She can hear her mother say, ”Girl, don’t sit there and tell another lie.” But it didn’t register. When she stole that money, it didn’t register at the time. Lisa couldn’t look into the judge’s eyes, she couldn’t face her own mother. Serving 10 years for stabbing an innocent victim could have been avoided if only Lisa had listened. Like so many others, Lisa never thought that she’d get caught. She had been stealing, fighting, and lying for way too long. At 23, she’ll be spending all those years in a prison cell. The people she ran around with are probably somewhere laughing at her because after all, they didn’t get caught. But you’ll reap what you sow. And this maybe a lesson that she’ll finally learn the hard way.