Food for Thought

wearing two colors

black and white

which one gets dirty fast?

the white one.

No, the dirt shows up more because

white is light.


the sun rises in the east

and sets in the west.

No, the earth goes around the sun

as all the other planets.

But the sun looks as if it’s actually

rising and setting at different times.


nothing from nothing leaves nothing,

you can’t take nothing from something

because there is nothing


They say, ”If you try hard enough, you will succeed.”

Even if you don’t succeed, something good

should happen just the same


Jesus rose on the third day,

but Friday to Sunday are not three days

and remember, Jesus had already risen.

Unfortunately, some people misinterpret what the Bible says

which causes confusion to this day


Akhenaten believed the sun was god,

but Moses and other Hebrews who

became Israelites believed in the true God,

not a thing to represent.