He’s evil!

Well, of course he wants to fire Mr. Mueller but if I’m not wrong, he has to have justifiable cause. Which he doesn’t have. It’s a shame for someone like that to be in office. Mr. James Comey will be on MSNBC on the 15th before the release of his memoir, ”A Higher Loyalty.” I’ll … More He’s evil!


Getting closer to collusion involving the White House may have gotten closer today. A rich republican had dealings with Flynn on hacking into Clinton’s emails involving the Russians. That was reported on the Rachel Maddow’s show today. The other strange thing about this is that the republican who’s last name is King ended up dead. … More Collusion

Talking about politics

Barbara invited a few friends over to talk about politics and you know what can happen. They all live in NW Ohio. ”So, what do you think about the director of the FBI being fired?” Barbara asked. ”I think it’s terrible because he was investigating this collusion problem,” Janet answered. She’s twenty-five, rather tall with … More Talking about politics