All Within Time

It will take time to correct mistakes made. It will take time to finish this work. It will take time to make a way out of no way? Some of you have heard that last line many times especially if you’re involved in church matters. How can anyone make a way out of no way? … More All Within Time


We all spend time doing something, but you may look around and wonder why does time move so fast? Well, it seems to move its course in the same way every single day. It’s just that we as people see it differently especially when we’re busy. So, it’s a state of mind frame. Do you … More Time

How Much Longer?

Here we go again. Another shut down. They’re blaming the democrats when it was you-know-who told that lie that Mexico was going to pay for the border. So, only God knows how this will turn out.

Fundamental Law

what happens when Christians do the most horrendous things? well, to God they’re treated no different from anyone else. Just look at the Israelites and their descendants as an example. And notice, I did not include religious people in general. I’m only speaking of one particular group.   people who don’t believe there’s a God, … More Fundamental Law