Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was worse than what some expected, but complaints continue to come in. Weather reports stated that water may rise from 30 to 35 feet.  Ofcourse, it was worse in some areas. Telling people to stay home wasn’t the right response. We remember what happened during the Katrina failures. Nevertheless, people are being helped a lot faster. Pray and do what you can.  But one young lady was sitting on the roof waving. I suppose she didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, quite a few people are that way. No matter what help is offered. There were people in a hotel who were rescued. Officials did say to stay on a roof and not in attics so that rescuers can see them.

The dam can only hold back so much before it breaks. I continue to learn more on a daily basis. Harvey continues to move on up. Tornado warnings have been issued. Hopefully, it will settle down so workers can start cleaning up. A lot of property has been damaged. People will rebuild or move somewhere else. It’s something how fast rain can buildup. I know flash floods are other terrible storms. While a weather guy was reporting, a guy drove right past him. That was not the right thing to do. We’ve seen drivers get trapped that way. When water levels rise too high, no driver can get through.

They’ve opened more centers and that’s a good thing. People need everything; food, clothing, water, medicine, you name it. Some should have friends and relatives who are willing to help. But did any of you see the flying red ants? They were in colonies drifting in the water. I’m telling you that is something. And don’t forget the alligators and snakes. I saw a brief report that some famous people are offering help. That’s good. Anyhow, do what you can and pray.


Out of control

Standing there all alone. No one seems to notice. Then she starts shaking uncontrollable. An older lady looked at the young woman with shaggy hair and wonders if she’s on drugs or something. Nadine sat down at a table in the restaurant trying to keep from shaking, but she ran out of medicine. Her eyes are jittery, the skin has that pale look when someone is sick. The older lady name Margaret is sitting right across, she isn’t sure of what to do because sometimes people take kindness for weakness. Nadine’s mind is spinning out of control. Then she got right on up and started screaming. Finally, the manager came over to help. Margaret felt bad because she wasn’t sure of what to do. The early morning shift wasn’t busy for a change and at least someone came to rescue.

We see people from all walks of life. When they look as though they maybe on drugs or something, you’re not sure if you want to get involved or not. But it makes us wonder just the same.