Greece Learned a lot from Phoenicia and Egypt.

How many of you know that Phoenicia and Egypt had a profound influence on classical Greece? Many of the gods from Greece came from Phoenicia. But it goes farther back. The first people who had pagan gods were the Ethiopians. If you remember, Ethiopia was once ancient Cush. The bible tells us that Ham had four sons; Cush, Egypt, Phut, and Canaan. Archaeologists have proven a lot of history from the bible. From ancient lands to jewelry. What hasn’t been proven is either lost over time or destroyed from wars or other calamities.

I know some of you will disagree, but you can’t argue with facts.


March for our Lives!

Well, I’m back once again. I don’t share any pictures as much which most of you are aware of, but I will from time to time. My main blog page is kept simple, nothing fancy. I see we had a wonderful March for our Lives on Saturday. That’s what it takes, people from different backgrounds working for an important cause. That’s how we will WIN!