He’s evil!

Well, of course he wants to fire Mr. Mueller but if I’m not wrong, he has to have justifiable cause. Which he doesn’t have. It’s a shame for someone like that to be in office. Mr. James Comey will be on MSNBC on the 15th before the release of his memoir, ”A Higher Loyalty.” I’ll … More He’s evil!

Correct an Error

I want to correct some information on my blog from yesterday. I mentioned someone by the last name of King (not Rep. Peter King of NY). Well, his name is Peter W. Smith. It’s been reported that Peter W. Smith was working with former campaign adviser Michael Flynn to get Hillary Clinton’s emails from hackers. … More Correct an Error

Our country needs a complete change

Everything that comes from the media isn’t always true. Sometimes, a writer will admit information that went out was actually a mistake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. They don’t always correct themselves. When high ranking officials warn us about these things, we may think twice. Even if that official rarely does such things. It makes … More Our country needs a complete change