Joy to the World Everyday!

I loved to help decorate our Christmas tree. We had a real pine tree which was typical at that time. The light bulbs were heavy but very pretty. I’d hold one end and my mother held the other. They were put on first. We added gold and silver garlands all the way around. Lots of silver tinsel included. The colorful bells from top to bottom, they were a little heavier at that time. A lovely gold star was put on top. Then a beautiful white cottony cloth with sparkles went around the tree at the bottom where gifts went too.

Most people placed pine trees near the curb after New Years to be taken away. It was so much fun to help decorate and it maybe more fun today. I grew up in the sixties, but it was safer than it is today. We could leave our back windows open to get a good breeze in the summertime and no one would try to break in. People still do that in certain parts of the country today, but I advise against that.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and His return. It’s also about giving and we sure need more of that too.


Do you know who God really is?

Do you know who God is? Well, he’s not a man but some of you may find that surprising. Yes, Jesus came here in the form of a man. He walked, talked and performed miracles. Some of you may say that’s nothing unusual because humans can do that. Well, the only way that a human can perform a miracle is through God. We cannot do that on our own because we don’t have that ability.

God is the supreme being, not a supreme being. Now, I use he and not she to emphasize. God is neither male or female. In some pagan societies Jesus is black. Krishna is also black. The Babylonians are some of the earliest people who worshipped their own god. They built a tower. So, the true God confused their language and scattered them around the world. Now, those who believe in evolution may say something different because they do not believe in God. They don’t believe we were created, but there’s a lot of evidence that proves otherwise.

Adam and Eve didn’t have to read about God. They didn’t have to attend church. They saw God in the garden of Eden. So, it wasn’t necessary to read about Him. When they sinned everything changed. The whole world was different, they looked different. Nothing was the same. They had to work to feed and clothe themselves.

Bible School is sometimes more important than regular service because you learn more about God and the bible. Some Christians are fanatics. They seem to forget that we cannot live above being human. That does not mean to dwell in sin. Many of you know that I like to write about different topics. We’re living in the last days because things that are going on have never happened before. I’ll write more about those things as time goes on. But in the meantime, take care.


We owe all of this debt to China. We need an independent investigation on the president. Our FBI Director has been fired. Are you amazed that we still have a country? History repeats itself and that’s because some of us don’t learn from it. Too many of us think they’re above the law. And too many of them are still getting away with evil. They point fingers at you or me, but when it comes to them, it’s a different story.

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We plan on what we hope to do such as going to school, getting a good job, getting married. Those are what we were taught, brought up to believe. But other people from different countries were brought up the same way. They want their children to get a good education, a good job, and to get married too. Nevertheless, all countries are unique. Our government and society have gotten so much from ancient Greece and Rome. And a lot of what the Greeks knew came from other cultures. Remember, Greece did not rise overnight.

Africa may have the worse problems facing any country in the world today, but that was much different thousands of years ago. They had kingdoms from the north to the south. Look at China? Look at India? They’re rising like never before. And look at America. My┬ácountry is a mess in so many ways. People claim they believe in God, but look at what some of them do? I’m not talking about┬áthe true Christians because they are righteous. I’m referring to those who lie and do the most evil things in the name of God. Terrorists are that way, but some so-called Christians are that way too.

No matter how bad things get, God is not going to allow evil to take over.