How Much Longer?

Here we go again. Another shut down. They’re blaming the democrats when it was you-know-who told that lie that Mexico was going to pay for the border. So, only God knows how this will turn out.


Special Counsel

Well, this is the day. But I haven’t heard much yet. I rather listen to Rachel Maddox and Lawrence O’Donnell because they have the most facts on any issue. But I do feel that Flynn should get time because like the others, he has lied and lied. This is all for now.

He’ll Continue to Lie

That so-called president must have been on medicine or something because he couldn’t read the prompt for one thing. I bet he has never been that calm in his life. He has changed every decent law that President Obama put in place. They say his ratings have gone up. I thought that would happen. Well, people better wake up. I’m referring to those who don’t seem to have any sense. Mr. Andrew McCabe is gone. That’s a shame. How long will this mess continue? God help us all!

We, the People matter

No matter what has happened as far as that damn tax bill is concerned, THE PEOPLE will make the ultimate decision. We need the RIGHT PEOPLE in the white house. And things will only get worse until changes are made. Fox News should be forced off air because they don’t report news objectively. They lie every single day about the truth. That is not journalism. And that so-called president should be impeached! I hope Mr. Mueller will finish his investigation soon. But in the meantime, check out Mr. Tom Steyer about impeaching you know who.

The investigations continue tomorrow

Nothing much was said that we haven’t heard so far from the investigations today. Hiding behind classified information and legalities is crap. They will come back later and answer in time. We as citizens have a right to know. Mr. Comey should tell the truth about this mess, but even if he doesn’t the truth will come out. This is worse than Watergate. Nixon was allowed to resign when he should have been impeached. This is perhaps the worst obstacle that we as citizens are facing.

The senate may vote on the health bill in August from what I heard earlier. A 60 or 50 something is needed more or less. Anthem will be leaving in my state Ohio next year. It’s a damn shame that they (the house) won’t fix the problem instead of making life more difficult on people.

Talking about politics

Barbara invited a few friends over to talk about politics and you know what can happen. They all live in NW Ohio.

”So, what do you think about the director of the FBI being fired?” Barbara asked.

”I think it’s terrible because he was investigating this collusion problem,” Janet answered. She’s twenty-five, rather tall with lavender dyed hair and soft brown eyes.

Then Jackie said, ”The president made a decision that he felt was best.”

”He’s done a lot of business with Russians and he praised them for being tough and smart. That’s what he said on the Lettermen show four years ago. Now, half a year is almost over and they claim there’s no evidence of collusion. That’s a bunch of crap!” Barbara continued.

She’s 30, the oldest one. Her fluffy natural is soft and thick. Her deep eyes peer right through. They’re sitting in the lounge room snacking on sharp cheese crackers and a light drink. The women are wearing stylish summer dresses and jazzy sandals.

”We haven’t seen any proof of this collusion claim whatsoever,” Jackie pointed out.

”They keep delaying things and that’s the hold up,” Janet said.

”You democrats are still mad because Hillary didn’t win, that’s the problem,” Jackie continued.

”No that’s not true. That so-called president has been a problem since he ran for office,” Janet made clear.

”He’s made mistakes just like the others,” Jackie said.

”No. He has lied more than any president. And what’s wrong with showing your income tax form?” Barbara asked.

”He doesn’t have to,” Jackie answered.

”Being audit doesn’t mean you can’t reveal your tax form,” Barbara continued.

”Well, it’s his decision,” her friend said.

”Anyhow, we’re going to continued this later, I have to get my hair done.”

Well, at least they’re still friends.