More than school books

I can’t find the thing.

Well, look closer.

I still don’t see it!

That’s what happens when we’re so angry

we can’t see straight.


Mothers have given us so much,

but don’t forget our fathers.

No, they didn’t bring us into the world

And some of us get along better with fathers

Don’t forget, some parents carry the name only

and that’s very sad because too many children

are suffering because of those very problems.


it’s important to have more than book knowledge in life

otherwise, what happens if you don’t know some of the games?

but it’s more important for women.

the world is beautiful in so many ways; there are

beautiful people around the world, there’s so much beauty to see and experience

But in our world, there are evil people.

It blows the mind just how vile some really are at times

so the more you know, the better to be prepared.