working fingers to the bone

I can finally take a break

the outcome is another story


watching troubled youths

their lives hang in balance

but so does ours


sweet potato pie

oh, my favorite

keep tabs on blood sugar

a necessity for health


so faraway and beautiful

those lands out east

from Africa to Asia


winter will come later

but early cool air

too soon for summer

strange climatic change


Queen Alexandra Butterflies

I stopped by one of our member’s blog. Grady went to the Smithsonian sometime back and watched butterflies. Well, I just had to ask if he had seen any giant butterflies? They’re found in Asia and they grow as large as 12 inches long. The males are more beautiful than females with their gleaming bright colors. They’re also on the endangered list. I wrote a poem about these fascinating creatures that was published in a late issue of Space and Time magazine. They’re really something to see.