Special Counsel

Well, this is the day. But I haven’t heard much yet. I rather listen to Rachel Maddox and Lawrence O’Donnell because they have the most facts on any issue. But I do feel that Flynn should get time because like the others, he has lied and lied. This is all for now. Advertisements

#Protect Mueller

I want to thank all Americans who voted the right way. Hoping that the Democrats will do the right thing very soon because we need to get those evil crooks out of office. I heard there will be around 1000 organizations protesting tomorrow for the sake of the Mueller investigation. Please get involved one way … More #Protect Mueller

No Collusion huh

Yeah, they’ll keep saying that no matter how the end turns out. Now, look at the son-in-law. Well, what about the others? They’re guilty too more or less. Anyhow, I admire other republicans such as Ana Navarro who stand up for what is right. But all others too. No matter if you’re affiliated with a … More No Collusion huh

Stop and think

tough words ranting back and forward like other things, will come to an end   a need to move forward not backward, but time is limited   we have the right to make a stand govern self accordingly, but don’t lose insight   we’re in jeopardy on all levels, will we learn from history?   … More Stop and think