How Much Longer?

Here we go again. Another shut down. They’re blaming the democrats when it was you-know-who told that lie that Mexico was going to pay for the border. So, only God knows how this will turn out.


He Pleaded Guilty on All Counts

no collusion

yeah, right just you wait

today is only the beginning


deny, deny, deny

he lies to us everyday,

but God is watching


blaming Hillary and the Democrats

well, at least she had her day twice

can’t say the same about him


a so-called Christian said

liberals are all wrong

as if republicans are darling angels

your party won’t get you to heaven

God spares no one


Correct an Error

I want to correct some information on my blog from yesterday. I mentioned someone by the last name of King (not Rep. Peter King of NY). Well, his name is Peter W. Smith. It’s been reported that Peter W. Smith was working with former campaign adviser Michael Flynn to get Hillary Clinton’s emails from hackers. Smith, a private equity financier died at 81, on May 14th. I’ve obtained this information from online sources and TV news outlets.

We hear so much about collusion and obstruction of justice in regarding the White House. I hope this will be cleared up so that we as citizens can move on. The thing about Nixon is, he resigned and he was pardoned. This political mess that we’re facing is much bigger than Watergate. So, until next time take care.