We can learn from each other

afraid to talk about race

it’s a reflection in your face

don’t play the game

to run, hide, and blame


can we talk?

don’t get up and walk

you’re bound to gain something

that will add more than nothing


they waste time in ignorance

out of stupidity

they never listen to reason

the fools are beyond help


educated fools

are sometimes religious,

but they don’t represent God

they represent evil


some of us do talk about race relations

without calling each other dirty names

treat others as you’d want to be treated

then take it from there


some parents teach their children to hate

and that’s terrible

because that child should learn how to

get along in this world

children have enough problems as it is

than to be brought up that way


it’s good to blog about issues,

but only if they have meaning

some people are hateful

they stir up trouble

unfortunately, too many follow them