Special Counsel

Well, this is the day. But I haven’t heard much yet. I rather listen to Rachel Maddox and Lawrence O’Donnell because they have the most facts on any issue. But I do feel that Flynn should get time because like the others, he has lied and lied. This is all for now.


The investigations continue tomorrow

Nothing much was said that we haven’t heard so far from the investigations today. Hiding behind classified information and legalities is crap. They will come back later and answer in time. We as citizens have a right to know. Mr. Comey should tell the truth about this mess, but even if he doesn’t the truth will come out. This is worse than Watergate. Nixon was allowed to resign when he should have been impeached. This is perhaps the¬†worst obstacle that we as citizens are facing.

The senate may vote on the health bill in August from what I heard earlier. A 60 or 50 something is needed more or less. Anthem will be leaving in my state Ohio next year. It’s a damn shame that they (the house) won’t fix the problem instead of making life more difficult on people.