Take Control

take a dive into the deep

you must take time out for self

the mind and heart will rejuvenate.


can’t sit still

too busy getting my groove on

dancing, feeling good

just having fun.


when the spirit moves, you must react

so make a joyful noise

be as loud as necessary.


scream out loud!

don’t hold that anger inside

too much pressure will do harm

so, let it out for your own sake

good things for the mind and soul.




Just a Little of Something

So upset till everything turned red

It’s hard to breathe or to think,

but after all of the sudden eruption

a certain calm issued in at last.


Meeting someone for the first time,

we never know how things will turn out.

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood

knowing it may become another obstacle.

Well, life is strange in many ways.

And it sure will lead to something.


It’s another day, another time

that never stops.

No matter what happens,

we can’t change it at all.

We’re all here on different paths,

but the end is always the same.