Something to share

Winding down for the night,

but a juicy scene for my book came up

and it can’t wait for later.


reading the headlines

same old news

every single day


wasted all that money

won’t get a dime back,

no, it wasn’t me


try and you still fail,

but we never know what the future will be,

so eventually good will come


opposites do attract

on those rare occasions

when you least expect it




working fingers to the bone

I can finally take a break

the outcome is another story


watching troubled youths

their lives hang in balance

but so does ours


sweet potato pie

oh, my favorite

keep tabs on blood sugar

a necessity for health


so faraway and beautiful

those lands out east

from Africa to Asia


winter will come later

but early cool air

too soon for summer

strange climatic change

Just a Little of Something

So upset till everything turned red

It’s hard to breathe or to think,

but after all of the sudden eruption

a certain calm issued in at last.


Meeting someone for the first time,

we never know how things will turn out.

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood

knowing it may become another obstacle.

Well, life is strange in many ways.

And it sure will lead to something.


It’s another day, another time

that never stops.

No matter what happens,

we can’t change it at all.

We’re all here on different paths,

but the end is always the same.