No Excuses

I had planned to write something at least every day, but that changed. A few months ago, I couldn’t log out of my Facebook account. It disappeared. The log out tab was gone. So, I closed that account out. I also closed my Twitter account too. It became boring to write anything. So, when you see a lack of responses, that’s usually the answer. I’m not going to make any excuses. I pray for us all because we all need God’s help whether you believe that or not. I know some people don’t believe in God. They accept evolution or something else. Scientists have proven the bible to be true. From early history on. Not one thing has ever been proven by evolution, not one. Those bones from Lucy were proven to be false. Just because we have a lot in common with apes doesn’t mean that we evolved from them. We have a lot in common with other creatures too.

Lies continue to be told about the bible every day. They lie about ancient Egypt. The country has always been in Africa. The original people came from Ham. Cush was the first son then Egypt Put, and Canaan. Believe it or not, Ethiopia was Cush who was black. Many of them were dark skinned back in those days. They were in power long before the Europeans. Slavery is nothing unique to black people. It still exists throughout the world today, right here in this country too. But it was much worse for my people because it took everything away from us. How we lived, our culture. If it wasn’t for God none of us would be here today. You can’t endure that evil without God pulling you through. Now, I know some of you disagree with some of what I’ve written, but it’s all true and I can back it up with proof. Be respectful, that’s all I ask. Don’t write back with hate and nonsense. In the meantime, take care.


A New Path

I thank all of you for sharing your likes and opinions with me on matters that continue to be very important. We can’t ignore what is going on in our country and it doesn’t matter where you live in this world. Because we are all connected as people. But now, I must move on. I know many of you are writers too. I read you blogs and some of the most brilliant work provided. So, it’s important for me to get back into that field. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since my work has been published. While working on new projects, I’ll spend time blogging in that field.

It can be fiction or non-fiction. It can be photography, some of you are new in that field and you’re doing extraordinary work. Most of us want something new, not what has been done over and over. But it will involve writing, not my opinion on different topics anymore.

In the beginning I had planned to blog about writing only, but it ended up in a different direction. So now, I will stay in the field of writing. Once again, thank you so much but come back and keep reading my blogs.